About Us

A strong foundation.

GeoForce initially focused on aiding utilities in tracking and managing their assets. As our customer relationships expanded, so did our range of services. Today, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, all enriched by our team’s profound industry expertise, driven by data analytics, and prioritizing Safety & Quality in every task.

Our expertise spans assessment, life extension, and rehabilitation challenges. Using state-of-the-art tools, we fortify grids to match the resilience of the communities they serve.
Serving as trusted partners, we enhance project quality, safety, and environmental performance while ensuring efficient operations and budget protection.
Each GeoForce member embodies our core values: surpassing client expectations, offering safety-centric solutions, and supporting sustainable missions.

We achieve this through our team’s determination, skills, and knowledge. Every day, they provide innovative solutions to complex challenges, even amidst the most ambitious projects.


GeoForce has been in the utility and data service business for over 25 years. The company started out as a Geographic Information System (GIS) and software development contractor for gas and electric utilities. That led to a relationship with pole inspection and treatment and over 100 clients.


As a company, we come at the process from a unique perspective. Starting from the data side, we developed processes and software to allow us to capture the work being done and return it to the client in a meaningful and timely manner.

Field services

Clients continually asked us about field services. We spent two full years researching the prospect of adding field services to our profile. In 2014, we began working on our first field services contract and have since been growing exponentially.