Client-designed services that meet your needs.

GeoForce is dedicated to helping you serve your customers. After all, you have enough on your plate as it is. So let us handle field asset inspection, maintenance, and reporting. Not only will we make sure your utility structures are sound, but we’ll also provide you with a detailed report of the location and condition of each and every asset.

Pole inspection & treating

Our full ground line inspection process provides a complete picture of the strength of the pole.

Hammer sounding
Removal of dirt around the pole to a depth of 18 inches
Pesticide applied to the pole if necessary
External decay removed and preservative applied
GPS position and address of poles deemed beyond repair (split top, rotten butt, or hollow heart) are recorded

Pole reinforcing

When a pole is found to have too much decay or damage to remain in service, it’s often more cost effective to extend the life of a pole instead of replacing.

Steel is driven beside the pole and banded to it, returning the pole to full strength
Cost-effective option to keep poles in service for many years

Asset inventory &
attachment survey

Knowing exactly where your assets are located is crucial for efficient maintenance and repair services.

Trimble GPS technology to gather sub-meter GPS coordinates (recreational GPS positions can also be used if Trimble-level of accuracy is not needed)
Accurate inventory of devices, phasing, joint use attachments, and structures can help you build and maintain a GIS
Data can be supplied in the GIS format of your preference

Transmission & inspection patrol

The inspection and maintenance of the transmission system is paramount in keeping electricity flowing to the customer – no matter where they might be located.

Remote access with a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) to the areas that trucks cannot access
Full ground line inspection of larger wooden structures
Patrols of rights-of-way and overhead facilities
Identifying “hitchhikers” on assets in order to collect usage fees

Emergency storm response

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on utility assets, and often the scale of the damage can be vast. Our team can be on-site to help assess and identify the damage.

Patrol, identify, and record damaged assets
Identify potential hazards in order to keep the public safe

Research & analytics

Looking for failure-rate data in a particular sector? Need more insight on maintenance schedules? No matter what you need, when it comes to the condition of the grid, we know about it.

Supply data on the condition of utility infrastructure
Supply analytics and predictive modeling on specific utility assets